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Video Jack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is your app called "Video Jack"? And who's the shady character in the icon?

"Video Jack" is two bad puns ("plug in the video jack" and "jack of all trades") and a nice, short, memorable name. The character is just a mascot our graphics designer drew.

​What kind of videos can Video Jack play?

All of them! Well, almost all of them. We test all common encodings and containers to offer maximum compatibilty.

​Your translations are terrible!

Sorry! We know (well, we've been told). We're trying to improve them. Please contact us if you spot a typo.

Why does Video Jack sometimes play back too fast, without sound, etc.?

You may have found a bug! Please contact us with more details so we can fix it. We'll need a copy of the file you were trying to play.

I want to use Video Jack but I don't have/want to use the Windows Store – is there another way?

Sorry, there isn't right now. We're working on it though... stay tuned.

How do I get Video Jack off my system?

Uninstalling is easy - just righ-click on the Video Jack icon and then go "Uninstall".

How do you make money?

We get paid for showing ads in the player next to the playback controls. Our ads are mostly managed by ad network partners. You should contact our tech support if one of the ads you see rubs you the wrong way and we'll try to stop it from appearing again.

Can I hide ads?

Not yet - sorry! If enough people ask, we'll add a small in-app purchase to make the ads go away. We know ads are annoying but we thought making everyone pay for an app was even more annoying.